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RelatedISG International Realty represents the fusion of two real estate powerhouses, Related Group and ISG World. In 2011, this powerful merger came to fruition when Jorge Perez, Chairman and CEO of Related Group, and ISG principals Philip J. Spiegelman and Craig Studnicky came together to form this eminent general realty group. This new venture utilizes the stellar reputations and large networks of both brokerages to forge a commanding and influential sales force.

The partnership possesses a wide-ranging sphere of influence reaching into Latin America, Europe and Asia, giving it a strong global presence in today’s market. RelatedISG is represented by top producing agents and brokers possessing the ultimate in market knowledge and expertise and is headed by Alex Vidal, president, and a 20-year industry leader.

Growing quickly and now encompassing six offices across Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, RelatedISG is an expanding leader in residential and developer sales, and has come into the forefront of the development world as well. RelatedISG offers a diversified, professional and expert real estate experience to both buyer and seller and is unmatched in today’s competitive market.